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I'm Willem and I'm a writer (among other things). You will find some information on my work and miscellanea, should you browse around a little. Who knows, you might even find the hidden travel page. Meanwhile, I'll continue producing pretty amazing stories and legendary characters, rock an unfashionable beard that brings a lot of joy to the world. Additionally, I fool around the more "avant-garde" music scene and occasionally deal with other "artsy" and creative things. If you are looking for someone to cooperate with on a project, send a message.

Do you have too much money and don't know where to put it? How about being my patron? https://www.patreon.com/willemsix. I'll update it very soon for sure. Probably. Or, just email me etc.

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2. July - 100% moisture

As the air mmm-moisture has just peaked at 100%, I'm typing this to say hello. I'm still alive. The "work" page was updated in June and you'll find the brief description of the latest trailblazing stunner at the bottom of the list of finished manuscripts. The next one will be ready sometime in the autumn. In the meantime, I'll be entering studio to record some shits and giggles for an album and probably visit a few adventurous places...

enjoy life,


5. April - after UNESCO

Early spring got me in a hunting mood and so I tracked down and scored one more UNESCO site. Now that the pressing urges of adventuring and colleting are temporarily subdued, it is time to continue writing. The next manuscript should be ready in early May. More details on the "work" page in due time.

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6. March - start with a delayed bang

New year, new stories. One of which was updated on the "work" page right ... just a moment ago. The page mentioned will go through a little simplification process in a bit and that should make it easier to scroll through. Meanwhile, other mean stories are brewing.

enjoy life,


About Me

Willem is a writer who currently resides in Switzerland. His texts are written in English. Mostly. This introduction will be updated and extended shortly.


Manuscripts, ready:

1. "Nine Stories / 九个故事" (drama)
1st draft word count: 67,563
1st draft finished: 19. Oct 2018

Nine, seemingly, very separate relationships are described to you in nine seemingly separate storylines. When it clicks, you will understand a whole new level of the story. The structure of the book allows you to read it in two different ways.

2. "Top Office" (crime, mystery, action, comedy)
1st draft word count: 79,524
1st draft finished: 15. Feb 2019

The zeroth part, a prequel, in a four part trilogy of Grant P.I. - Grant is a little guy living in a big city with a huge dream: To become a private investigator. To solidify his, currently nonexisting, reputation, he invites himself to a case no one seems to be able to solve.

3. "L.B.M." (crime, action, sci-fi, comedy)
1st draft word count: 54,136
1st draft finished: 28. Jun 2019

The first part of a four part Grant P.I. trilogy. - Life as a private investigator is not as glorious as Grant presumed. Lucky strike brings a damsel in distress at the guy's door, but he needs to rely on his odd job organized crime connections to be able to stop relying on his odd job organized crime connections.

4. "An unnamed collection of short stories" (various and mixed)
1st draft word count: n/a
1st draft finished: 2002-2017

A collection of short stories in various genres including sci-fi, fantasy, drama, thriller, action and more. The original ideas go as far back as 2002 and the texts have been written and polished anywhere between 2002-2017.

5. "Being Nice" (tragedy)
1st draft word count: 63,236
1st draft finished: 23. Aug 2019

Once there was a man who took "being nice" to heart. He went above, beyond and out of his way just to be nice to others. - The story was inspired by interviews with old people, who had been nice to everyone all their lives.

6. "Half, the world away" (drama, mystery)
1st draft word count: 67,971
1st draft finished: 19. Dec 2019

To escape realities at home, a man escapes halfway across the world to Japan. The escapist life as gaijin last as long as your wallet stretches. After the finances hit zero, it is time to make some hard choices that come with equally hard consequences.

7. "Green Winter" (adventure, drama, crime, sci-fi, comedy)
1st draft word count: 62,998
1st draft finished: 20. Feb 2020

The second part of a four part Grant P.I. trilogy. - After a job well done, Grant heads to have a, hopefully, romantic vacation with his uninterested love interest. As Grant's endless bad luck would have it, his love interest vanishes while he is sexually harassed, forced to drink too much vodka, all of which while a scary Russian guy orders him to assassin a guy who then orders him to assassin the guy who ordered him to assassin the guy...

8. "Highschool High" (drama, mystery, comedy)
1st draft word count: 92,597
1st draft finished: 18. May 2020

High school is about to be out, but the students find they have been screwed out of going out with a bang. Some of the students decide they won't have it and they WILL get to get to the bottom of things. Turns out the town is rotten to the core with problems such as, but not limited to, subpar schooling, scenes of violence and obscene nudity, drug and alcohol (ab)use, corruption and extortion, brutal bullying, single parents, hairy hippies, pregnancy and kidnapping, rebels, nerds and, as hard as it might be to imagine, something worse.

9. "Pants on a Mountain" (adventure, drama, mystery, sci-fi)
1st draft word count: 64,850
...for Patreon supporters: 68,432
1st draft finished: 17. Sep 2020

This is the final part of the Grant P.I. trilogy (of four parts). - To be able to partake in the Challenge of the Altay, Grant asks a huge man called "液体" (to Grant: Chinese hangman singing lady), to join his team. "液体" doesn't talk, but Grant presumes the guy is in and the adventure that leads to huge revelations and Grant going missing (even from himself) can begin.

10. "IT guy" (drama, comedy)
1st draft word count: 40,100
1st draft finished: 19. Nov 2020

"Steve" (not his real name) is an IT guy, who fixes computers for horrible people. One day his grind comes to a halt as a sort of woke, kind of PC and very protest-prone you lady and her friend move next door. As if that isn't enough, "Steve's" old bully, Chad, insists in visiting his old 'friend', only to reveal even darker and seedier side of himself.

11. "Agree?" ToS-1 (horror, drama, mystery)
1st draft word count: 60,015
1st draft finished: 31. Jan 2021

A new, amazing, hyper exclusive and ultra inclusive service for the crème de la crème has come to town! Only just righ now and never again, some of you everyday people can experience a test run of this super luxury vacation service with limousines, private jets and all the activities you cannot even dream of. All you have to do is be an influencer and agree to the terms of service.

12. "Herbies" (comedy, crime)
1st draft word count: 53,496
1st draft finished: 24. Mar 2021

Jonathan Doe, also known as Floppy-John, lives a peaceful conspiracy theorist slash "herbalist" lifestyle in the country (with his Greek origined roommate nicknamed Tricky-Mick). The peaceful "herb" and conspiracy focused lifestyle is disturbed as a plump middle-aged woman moves next door. While John is making sure she is not working for the man, the woman disappears, which leads to John being blackmailed into committing a bank robbery.

13. "Functionally Insane" (avant garde, comedy)
1st draft word count: 59,140
1st draft finished: 25. Jun 2021

Zach lies to his friends he started studies at UC Berkeley, which he thinks is in Los Angeles. To make his lie more real, he moves to L.A., only to quickly realizes that Berkeley is not in L.A. His friends from the East Coast want to meet up with him at the U, which forces Zach to use his new superhero-wannabe boss' network to upkeep his facade.

14. "F.Law.Ed." (sci-fi)
1st draft word count: 56,470
1st draft finished: 16. Sep 2021

In a future not too distant, the bots and the AI have taken over most of the jobs. An elite educated man has chosen to live a life at the lowest recognized bar, but his trophy wife unit is not happy with this. She married one of the most elite "five", with expectations.

15. Tijuana Style (ToS-2) (action, drama, thriller)
1st draft word count: 53,431
1st draft finished: 13. Oct 2021

A second installment of the "ToS"-series. - They had a rough landing, but a group of people survived the experience. While the survivors are trying to make it out of their continuing predicament alive, some of their parents are looking for them while the new owner of the amazing service is planning something even more sinister than before.

16. Workhorse (drama, horror, mystery)
1st draft word count: 41,304
1st draft finished: 2. Dec 2021

Even on Al's very last day at work, people keep piling up their own work on his desk, expectim him to do it for them. Shortly after, Al's farewell party is celebrated with compulsory participation. People start dying and all their dark secrets get revealed to the survivors, while they themselves struggle to survive the farewell.

17. Guano Crazy (oddball comedy, drama)
1st draft word count: 40,872
1st draft finished: 21. Jan 2022

A small man and a large woman are working through night shift as a couple of troublesome customers arrive, demanding access to the small man's house. Strangely enough, he allows it. As he returns home, he finds one woman lying bloody on the table while the other holds a bloody hacksaw in her hand.

18. Followers (adventure, drama, sci-fi)
1st draft word count: 84,676
1st draft finished: 4. Mar 2022

An invincible, technology-laden society faced its end. The remaining humanity, although trying to behave, fell into chaos, violence and ruthlessness. Soon after it happened, mysterious Modoru Aeon collected a small group of people and demanded they follow him north where, he claims, it is safe.

19. Nabob of Gray (drama)
1st draft word count: 41,926
1st draft finished: 5. Jun 2022

After it happened, he became the ruthless and glorious Nabob of Colmer. As the world was in the palm of his hand, the downfall started suddenly and without a warning. The few survivors escaped to a place called Gray, as was to be the Nabob's fate.

20. Fair Shake League 1 (surreal drama comedy)
1st draft word count: 46,181
1st draft finished: 13. Oct 2022

Misty wanted to be a superhero so hard that he ended up getting the first ever league of superheroes killed. Misty sees himself as the only legitimate heir and the only one who can rebuild and save Fair Shake League. To make this happen, Misty makes enemies so that he can beat them up and slap his Fare Shake on everyone's lips.

21. Fair Shake League 2 (surreal drama comedy)
1st draft word count: 44,050
1st draft finished: 2. Nov 2022

Misty is a newly celebrated number one superhero of Greater Los Angeles region. He gets greedy, proud and easily bamboozled by one of the many remaining villains. A mission of petty vengeance begins and ends Misty up in a hairy situation, where not only his life, but his dignity and reputation are at stake.

22. Red House: Origins (drama, mystery)
1st draft word count: 54,251
1st draft finished: 14. Dec 2022

In the world after it, community is survival and Lily, at ten, is finally old enough to become a full member. The bliss turns into torment as a group of raiders destroy everything that is dear to Lily. An old woman, Lady of Gray, arrives to find the girl in shock, orphaned and ready to be taken in.

23. Loneliness Service (drama, mystery)
1st draft word count: 50,126
1st draft finished: 20. Feb 2023

A mysterious character runs a service called "Loneliness Service". The character goes around, trying to scavenge customers who suffer from loneliness. He is out there to help, but for what reason?

24. War Over the River (war, drama)
1st draft word count: 50,607
1st draft finished: 19. Jun 2023

Two cities, only a river apart, were just celebrating their eternal peace. During the celebrations, an item from before it went missing. As a consequence, a brutal war begins, while one of the cities is also falling apart from the inside.

25. Palatable (drama, psychological)
1st draft word count: 30,062
1st draft finished: 13. Sep 2023

In a grim, strict house where the rules are handed down, you do not look out the window. The window is only there for the test of temptation and you are not to fall for it. Yet, the main character looks and he is cast out to the predators that lurk for easy prey.

26. Tankenstein (mystery, sci-fi, romance)
1st draft word count: 76,002
1st draft finished: 29. Feb 2024

A derelict warehouse has an irresistable pull on Scott. One day, he decides to go in and finds two bodies floating in human-sized aquariums. At least one of the bodies is showing signs of life.

27. SV Corp (drama, sci-fi, mystery)
1st draft word count: 54,548
1st draft finished: 13. Jun 2024

The second part to the "Tankenstein"-story. Someone betrayed the lead scientist of "Project Tankenstein" and, simply, left her behind. They, also, left behind a trail or crumbs and a pile of corpses.

Always remember to enjoy life.

Further information will be available via email. See "contact" for the address. Updates to available or future manuscripts can happen at any time.

Manuscripts, currently being worked on:

1. Zone 91 Out (philosophical, experimental)

It's about observations in circular time and a small loop inside a big loop. While the big loop is so big no mere mortal can 'see' it, the small one makes it seem like you're moving forwards and backwards at the same time.

Status: basic idea and part of the stucture ready, a lot of notes scribbled.

2. Zed's Gig (action, thriller, comedy)

A group of unsuccessful career criminals take a job from a famous client, who usually only hires the best. They know they're being had, but it's their last chance to realize their vocational dreams.

Status: ready to be written at any moment.

3. STF-001 (action, drama, thriller)

A brand new special task force is ready to handle missions no one else wants, or, as they say, no one else can.

Status: half the storyline ready, outline of characters ready.

4. Epilogue of Eternity (drama, mystery, sci-fi)

Grant the P.I. is still missing after well over a decade. His friend Durdona is unable to stop searching for him. In fact, every moment, she wants it more. Every moment, she wants him more. In ways that do not make sense.

Status: outline ready, most of the characters ready.

5. Vengeance a.m. (drama, comedy, sci-fi)

The main character harbors vengeance and rains down punishment based on "a feel". It's just that the people he punishes haven't done anything. Yet.

Status: main idea and some of the characters ready.

6. A Circle in the Sand on a Beach with Plenty of Waves (mystery, drama)

A who's who and what's what story of private detectives who all think they are "ahead of the game", while not even knowing what the game they are playing is.

Status: main idea ready.

7. Lü-Seed (psychological thriller, mystery)

Someone obtains a very special skill through an unhealthy obsession. The skill is at the brink of too much to handle. The skill is also very much wanted by an organization.

Status: main idea ready.

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