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Hello you!

I'm Willem and I'm a writer (among other things). Feel free to browse the pages for my finished and forthcoming work. Who knows, you might even find the hidden travel page. Besides producing pretty amazing stories and legendary characters, I rock an unfashionable beard that brings a lot of joy to the world. Additionally, I fool around the more "avant-garde" music scene and occasionally do some simple graphics and deal with other "artsy" things. If you are an artist looking for someone to cooperate with on a project, I'm in. Whether it's games, indie movies, shorts, TV or your graduation work, cartoon storylines, music, acting or whatever, let me know. See email on the "Contact" page.

Are you a wealthy royal? Won the lottery? How about being my patron? https://www.patreon.com/willemsix. I'll update it very soon for sure. Probably. Wishes welcome.

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02. November - the ninth

The month of death is upon us, once again. It is dark and rainy and, also, there is a festival. The new manuscript is creeping forwards and it should be completed somewhere along the next thirty days.

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08. October - back to the back to the grind

So... Things happened. Finished that manuscript mentioned month ago. Then, I ended up adventuring some more, but it's the last time this year. I swear, maybe. Now, it is time to start preparing for some of my "bigger" work. This likely means that I will only finish five manuscripts this year, but we'll see. So many days left in the year. You will read all about it at this website, as usual.

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03. September - back to the grind

It's been a wild summer. A lot of adventures took place, the well of experiences has been filled further and that's only a fraction of it all. Yet, it is time to get back to work. A new manuscript is on the way, and it should be finished before September ends. The public details will be updated on the "work" page in due time.

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About Me

Willem is a writer who currently resides in Switzerland. His texts are written in English. Mostly. This introduction will be updated and extended shortly.


Manuscripts, ready:

1. "Nine Stories / 九个故事" (drama)
1st draft word count: 67,563
1st draft finished: 19. Oct 2018

Nine relationships are taking place in what seems to be contemporary China. All of them going through key moments launching a trickle-down effect. The more you read, the more you come to realize that some of the relationships are interconnected. How? That is for you, the reader, to figure out. You might even have to read it a few times over to completely understand what actually happened, why it happened, why did the characters behave as they did... - The structure of the book allows you to read it by storyline or by timeline. There's also a subconscious of the events presented at the beginning of each chapter.

2. "Top Office" (crime, mystery, action, comedy)
1st draft word count: 79,524
1st draft finished: 15. Feb 2019

This is the zeroth part, a prequel, in a four part trilogy of Grant P.I. - Grant is a little guy living in a big city with a huge dream: To become a private investigator. The closest he has gotten so far is working as a night guard. The rest of the time he spends flipping steaks to make ends meet. That, and studying. Studies result in graduating as a P.I. and then all the man has to do is to make name. Luckily, he has stumbled upon a murder case the police can't seem to solve. Or care about. Grant eagerly accepts the challenge no one is offering to him. Turns out the case is full of trouble and dead-ends. Grant needs help. He asks for it from the journalist for an alternative media, who originally wrote about the case. He seems to know a lot about it. Maybe too much. Grant, also, accidentally gets hired by local gangsters. Many people end up without a pulse. A lot of them too close to home. It's almost as if someone is following the fresh P.I. Grant's world is shaken and he needs more help. An unpleasant psychologist, whose office Grant needed for the investigation, might well be the help he needs. Or maybe his childhood friend can deliver? Or his new gangster buddies?

3. "L.B.M." (crime, action, sci-fi, comedy)
1st draft word count: 54,136
1st draft finished: 28. Jun 2019

This is the first part of a four part Grant P.I. trilogy. - Grant is finally an established private investigator. Sort of. He's stuck with cases like "where's my cat?" It's far from glorious and doesn't pay well. To financially survive, Grant works for Conor, your local Irish gangster. Mainly because Mr P.I. lives in the basement of Atlantis Club, the front for Conors unsavory activities. On the bright side, the colleagues are pleasant. One day, a damsel in distress comes looking for Grant. She's a dark beauty, charming, in distress and a damsel. She's a cliche. A cliche with a case that can lift Grant up and in the big league. Reputation, personal office, solved cases... Grant can almost taste the success. The only problem is that the damsel's case is abroad. Grant has no money and the case only pays after it has been solved. Turns out, Conor has 'a thing' over yonder. It's an iffy one, and Conor's best man could use some backup. ...And the guy never needs backup! Can Grant handle this quid pro quo? Will he fail and end up on the run? How does this one guy keep finding him? Do monsters exist? Why are some women so difficult? Is this book the beginning of a movie series? Besides these life altering questions, the book offers action, references, monsters, suprises, a big fat sudden left turn and a build up for the next part of the series.

4. "An unnamed collection of short stories" (various and mixed)
1st draft word count: n/a
1st draft finished: 2002-2017

A collection of short stories in various genres including sci-fi, fantasy, drama, thriller, action and more. The original ideas go as far back as 2002 and the texts have been written and polished anywhere between 2002-2017.

5. "Being Nice" (tragedy)
1st draft word count: 63,236
1st draft finished: 23. Aug 2019

Have you ever heard someone tell you to be nice? Be nice to your sister, be nice to your mother, be nice to your classmates... This book is telling a fictional story of a man who took "being nice" to heart. He goes above and beyond and out of his way just to be nice. Just as he was taught to be. The story carries you through some of the key moments of a lifetime, from childhood through school, work, relationships, having children and all the way to old age. Being nice, facing whatever may come. Always keeping up with your standards. - The story was inspired by personal observations through different stages of life, and discussions with old people who had been nice all their life and wished to disclose their final review on how it all went.

6. "Half, the world away" (drama, mystery)
1st draft word count: 67,971
1st draft finished: 19. Dec 2019

A man faces something horrible at home. He escapes halfway across the world to Japan and mingles with other gaijin. After extensive escapism and self-indulgence, 'good time' with 'cool people', he's broke and so is everyone else. None of them want to go back to where they came from. Some of the others decide to try serious crime to finance an endless 'bliss'. The protagonist opts out and gets a job without a permit. It seems like a lucky strike, but then a tragedy occurs and he is forced to make a very hard choice. After the choice has been made, he will have to deal with the consequences. The book includes many bits of Japanese culture and a little bit of the language (written in latin letters so that you can easily translate it online, if you wish). The main story is accessible without any previous knowledge of Japan or Japanese.

7. "Green Winter" (adventure, drama, crime, sci-fi, comedy)
1st draft word count: 62,998
1st draft finished: 20. Feb 2020

This is the second part of a four part Grant P.I. trilogy. - It all starts as a vacation. A promise of some one-on-one time between Grant and his love interest full of cold shoulders thus far. Two consenting adults in a private compartment on a trip of a lifetime with one week of time in their hands. Sounds good? Well... Since early on, things get weird. There are some odd symbols drawn all around the train. The lady can actually read the symbols and then she disappears. Grant finds himself in a place between a drunken tyrant and a job he cannot refuse. As a glass half full kinda guy, Grant sees this as his chance to solve a case. It's about time to get that proven track record. In a short period of time, Grant is pressured to drink too much vodka, he listens to too many mind numbing rants that actually make perfect sense, he gets sexually harassed and being ordered to assassin a guy who orders him to assassin the guy who ordered him to assassin this guy... The last two things not directly connected. In the end, the pair who entered the train for a vacation run for their lives. That's not enough, though. The old friends call and inform that there's a secret lab of a secret society nearby. It has a thing happening and Grant gets dragged into a case of humanoid monsters. No, it's not another zombie thing. Yes, people die. But wait, there's more!

8. "Highschool High" (drama, mystery, comedy)
1st draft word count: 92,597
1st draft finished: 18. May 2020

It is the final leg of high school and the students find out they have been screwed over by their teacher. No more class trip. However, it wasn't really her fault. There are much bigger things happening in town, like, the school ball has been cancelled. And that's just the beginning. Some of the students wish to get to the bottom of this, but they need help. They need to navigate social hierarchies and, at the same time, their own personal problems. Some get over themselves, some get buried under themselves. Everybody's got something going on. The story includes people with odd names and personalities, subpar schooling, scenes of violence and obscene nudity, drug and alcohol (ab)use, corruption and extortion, brutal bullying, single parents, hairy hippies, pregnancy and kidnapping, rebels, nerds, Snowman, a janitor whose name is too difficult to pronounce, principal Payne, teenage philosophy, love triangles and Coldwell's two balls. Esentially, it's a coming of age story with a twist and a half.

9. "Pants on a Mountain" (adventure, drama, mystery, sci-fi)
1st draft word count: 64,850
...for Patreon supporters: 68,432
1st draft finished: 17. Sep 2020

This is the final part of the Grant P.I. trilogy (of four parts). - Grant has accepted the Challenge of the Altay to prove his skills as a private investigator once and for all. He has himself and two friends with him. Unfortunately, the very exact requirement for team size is four members. Grant goes to a bar and finds a huge man called "液体", to Grant: Chinese hangman singing lady, to join his team. "液体" isn't exactly a talker. In fact, he doesn't talk. At all. We don't know if he actually joined, but he tags along. This is where the adventure starts. At first it's all about the challenge. At some point, however, a side quest appears. On the side quest, someone dies and Grant finds a picture he shouldn't see. Secrets start unraveling. You will come to understand who and why Grant is. Pieces seem to be finding their place. Next thing you know, an intense psychedelic trip is happening. Don't worry! It's part of the challenge. The final key to solving the challenge is revealed to Grant. The P.I.'s team arrives to Bhutan. They are leading and very close to winning the challenge. In a shocking turn of events, Grant goes missing and so does "液体". All that is left behind are Grant's pants. That, and a private message to his dear Uzbek friend. There's a development back home and one member of the team must go fix it in person, leaving only two behind to find Grant. Will they?

10. "IT guy" (drama, comedy)
1st draft word count: 40,100
1st draft finished: 19. Nov 2020

An IT guy everyone just calls "Steve" (not his real name) fixes computers for horrible people. He's the only guy actually working for the company. The boss simply collects the money and stuffs his mouth. Interns come and go. Pay is shit. Life is boring, but stable. One day, a young woman and her friend move next door. She is sort of woke, kind of PC and protesting real hard. The friend is a they who used to be one of the star people. On top of this, "Steve's" old bully from high school insists in visiting his 'friend'. His name is Chad and he seriously clashes with the neighbors. Chad is no longer welcome. Not that he was before. "Steve" sees the woman next door write protest signs in the morning when he's going to work. He can't keep his mouth shut and she beats him up with the signs. This is how they bond. Later on, events take a dark and seedy turn. "Steve" is reeled in by his former, now rehabilitated, bully. Chad's true identity is revealed. True, he is no longer be a bully. He's worse. What starts as a comedy of sorts, turns drama and ends up in mystery.

11. "Agree?" ToS-1 (horror, drama, mystery)
1st draft word count: 60,015
1st draft finished: 31. Jan 2021

A new service is coming to town. It's amazing, it's exclusive and it's inclusive. It's for the crème de la crème, but hold your horses! Any one of you everyday people can experience a test run of this super luxury vacation with limousines, private jets and all the activities you cannot even dream of. All you have to do is be an influencer and agree to the terms of service. Many people want it, but it's only available for a chosen few. ... A group of influencers get accepted. Most of them specialized in different 'fields' such as travel, food, looks, ideal body and even ghost hunting and mysteries. There's the pick up, the travel, the arrival and the personal guard who will not leave your side. A few, mostly disgruntled and underwhelmed videos get out for anyone to see. Then, everyone seems to fall off the face of the Earth. Most of the outside world moves on, but some do not. Some start looking into things and nothing good follows. There's an arranged 'accident' against the people 'asking questions'. That, however, is nothing compared to what the select dozen have to go through. Another group of people is joining the experience. A devil's dozen. The only dozen, who know about the events that are about to take place.

12. "Herbies" (comedy, crime)
1st draft word count: 53,496
1st draft finished: 24. Mar 2021

Jonathan Doe, also known as Floppy-John, lives a peaceful conspiracy theorist slash "herbalist" lifestyle in the country. He lives in the house he grew up in and only goes out to get some food from the nearby gas station. At night. He has a roommate nicknamed Tricky-Mick. They met back in the day when John still went out just a little. Tricky-Mick, a Greek immigrant, was in trouble and John decided to take him in because he, himself, was feeling lonely. Might have been a mistake. The only other people John ever meets are his ledger clients, who also distribute the herb he grows. One day, a plump middle-aged woman moves next door. John immediately falls in love with her and plans to make his move as soon as possible. But first, he has to spy on her. She might be working for the government. She might be there to get him. Before John can make his move, his new neighbor disappears. John wants her back. Someone has been watching and John ends up being blackmailed. He is forced into a bank robbery that's a five man job. The only people John knows are his clients and Mick. Together they are a team of four men and one woman.

13. "Functionally Insane" (avant garde, comedy)
1st draft word count: 59,140
1st draft finished: 25. Jun 2021

Zach messed up his schooling, but it doesn't stop him from telling his friends he started studies at UC Berkeley. Which he thinks is in Los Angeles. After flying in, he quickly realizes that is not the case, but he's mostly out of money and can't fly back. To raise some cash, Zach ends up getting a job as a barista. The pay turns out to be upkeep and no money. A seeming lucky strike happens as the boss and the landlord quickly promotes Zach as the manager of the coffee house. It is because the boss is finally going to realize his dream. He's going to become a superhero. After training. Zach's freshly ignited high hopes are snuffed as the only advantage of the managerial position is a new title. All of this leaves the young man lost in L.A. in an absurd environment full of freaks and nutters. As if that isn't enough, the friends from the East Coast keep calling Zach as they want to meet up with him. In Berkeley. Zach ends up asking for favors to keep up his facade. From a person, who collects. In short: he digs himself deeper and deeper. Very soon, the boss graduates from a superhero school, and if Zach thought he was in too deep before...

14. "F.Law.Ed." (sci-fi)
1st draft word count: 56,470
1st draft finished: 16. Sep 2021

In a future not too distant, people continue to live in a society. The bots and the AI have taken over most of the jobs. Formally, only three jobs remain. An elite educated man, one of the reputed "five" has chosen to live a life at the lowest recognized bar. Only just in the highly demanding society and with no intention of making an effort to improve his situation. His trophy wife unit, however, is not happy with this. She married one of the "five". She had expectations. The child unit is, also, disgruntled. Due to unforeseen events, the man opts to try for a "promotion". Not that he has much choice. At the same time, plans made by other people are starting to roll. Plans that include the man, whether he wants it or not.

15. Tijuana Style (ToS-2) (action, drama, thriller)
1st draft word count: 53,431
1st draft finished: 13. Oct 2021

A second and, possibly, the last installment of the "ToS"-series. They had a rough landing, but a group of people came together despite the original set up. Now they are just trying to make it through and, most of all, make their prisoner talk. They know he knows something vital and he's not willing to share. In the meanwhile, some of the parents are looking for their influencer offspring, or whatever is left of them. They hire professionals to take them where the children are assumed to be. A woman who loves blood and her partner, a man who loves his blade "Slash" and his pockets. In the meanwhile, the new owner of the previously amazing service for influencers and the rich gets in cahoots with big governments and other, potentially even darker, forces. Everyone has their game plan, but not all of them can stand up in the end.

16. Workhorse (drama, horror, mystery)
1st draft word count: 41,304
1st draft finished: 2. Dec 2021

Good old Al is retiring. He is just a farewell party away from the easy times. It's just that no one cares about, or respects the man. In fact, people keep piling up their work on Al's desk. On his very last day. Just like always. The farewell party arrives and so do the employees, their spouses and dates. Al is running late. The boss and his secretary go to call Al's landline and mobile, but he's not picking up. Soon enough, something horrible happens and people start dying. Each time someone dies, all their secrets get revealed to the survivors. A confusing struggle to get out begins. The building isn't what people expect it to be. Friends turn into enemies and enemies into friends. Is Al behind all this? Or, if he isn't...

17. Guano Crazy (oddball comedy, drama)
1st draft word count: 40,872
1st draft finished: 21. Jan 2022

A small man and a large woman are working through just another night shift. A couple of troublesome customers arrive and demand access to the small man's house. Strangely enough, he allows it. As he prematurely returns home, he finds a scene of one woman lying bloody on the table. Another woman is present with a bloody hacksaw in her hand. The small man has to rush the wounded woman to get some medical attention, but not before she knocks out the other one and burns the attackers clothes. From there, the story spins into madness, fights, steamy moments, massive personal revelations and partial clarity that wraps inside a mystery. The story also includes a charming doctor with good hair.

18. Followers (adventure, drama, sci-fi)
1st draft word count: 84,676
1st draft finished: 4. Mar 2022

With the best of technology we were supposed to be invincible. The end of the world happened, anyway. The remaining humanity, although trying to behave, fell into chaos, violence and ruthlessness. Soon after it happened, Modoru Aeon came out of nowhere. He collected a small group of people and they decided to follow him. No questions asked. Until one of them cannot accept all the mysteries shrouding the man and challenges him. Aeon insists there is a safe place up north. An island. He expects everyone to continue following. Including the one, who challenges him. What is up north that makes it safe? Why these people? Who is Aeon, anyway, and where did he come from? The man keeps this in the dark. He knows that as soon as he tells, he dies. That is the failsafe.

19. Nabob of Gray (drama)
1st draft word count: 41,926
1st draft finished: 5. Jun 2022

He was there when it happened. He learned to be ruthless. He survived. He prospered. He became the greatest Nabob who ever lived. Nabob of Colmer. In name, under his Kingpin. In truth, his Kingpin under his thumb. He was on top of the world. Then... The downfall of Nabob of Colmer begins. With assassination attempts, being called by the Kingpin, being blackmarked, but most of all, with the strange feeling that something is not right. Inside. All of the sudden, most of the Nabob's soldiers and servants are dead. He is running for his life, with his only loyal captain and a few hand picked men. His guard. The Nabob gets escorted to a place called Gray. Somewhere he can rule and pull strings again. Somewhere he can rebuild. The locals are not exactly welcoming, but the Nabob slithers in and takes over. But... who is pulling whose strings, really?

20. Fair Shake League 1 (surreal drama comedy)
1st draft word count: 46,181
1st draft finished: 13. Oct 2022

Misty wanted to be a superhero so hard that he ended up getting the first ever league of superheroes killed. To the last person. Him being on the mission, sort of, Misty sees himself as the only legitimate heir. The only one who can rebuild and save Fair Shake League. He swiftly collects a crew of superheroes, a heroine and an intern. He makes enemies for a league of superheroes to be needed. Three full leagues of supervillains, in fact. Now he needs to get media coverage and the common people on his side. What better way to do this than beat one of the enemies you have created? Misty may be a hero, but he is not a good man. The people he abused at home are rising up against him behind his back. The people he thought to be his friends, on his decision. One of them a potential superhero directly under him. An honor for anyone, if you were to ask Misty. A wild story starts loose, but tightens all the way to the end.

21. Fair Shake League 2 (surreal drama comedy)
1st draft word count: 44,050
1st draft finished: 2. Nov 2022

Misty is a newly celebrated superhero of Greater Los Angeles region. He beat one of the most threatening leagues of supervillains in town. Unfortunately, that was not the end of the villans. Not by a long shot. The very next threat is already on the rise and it is much more dangerous than the previous one. Misty stands against it, but after catching the villain, he gets greedy and proud. The very super villain finds it all too easy to bamboozle the leading superhero. Misty goes blindly after a petty revenge he yearns. There are consequences. Misty ends up struggling for his very own life and, more importantly, his dignity and reputation.

22. Red House: Origins (drama, mystery)
1st draft word count: 54,251
1st draft finished: 14. Dec 2022

Lily was happy. She was excited. She was finally going to hunt. She was finally going to meet her neighbors for the first time in her life at age ten. She was going to be a real person and a part of the community. In the world after it, community is survival. Just as everything seems to finally go Lily's way, bad things happen. The raiders have found the house. Despite all of the precautions. They destroy everything that is dear to Lily. They kill both her parents and they do worse things. In shock, Lily continues as if nothing happened. Then, an old woman, Lady of Gray arrives. She takes the orphaned girl in and molds her towards becoming a key player in the power structure of her city. She never explains why. Lady of Gray is old and she is sick. She has just enogh time to prepare Lily, now called Lady Lilith, to survive. Lady Lilith receives a house and a pile of notes containing the old lady's plan. The old lady dies a little too soon and Lady Lilith has to struggle to survive. "Red House: Origins" is part of a series that includes two manuscripts listed a few steps above.

23. Loneliness Service (drama, mystery)
1st draft word count: 50,126
1st draft finished: 20. Feb 2023

There is a service called Loneliness Service. It's run by a single man. He goes around, trying to scavenge customers who suffer from loneliness. He is out there to help. But to help whom? Why? And as the moment comes when he needs help, is there anyone there looking out for him?

24. War Over the River (war, drama)
1st draft word count: 50,607
1st draft finished: 19. Jun 2023

They were celebrating their eternal peace just the other day. During that celebration, something went missing. An item from before it, treasured in the original kingpin's chamber. As a consequence, the unbalanced current kingpin starts a war to ignore questions later. Two cities, only a river apart, start the war slowly. Then, only a handful of days later, it has escalated to brutal and bloody battle over survival of everyone and everything. Meanwhile, one of the cities is breaking apart from the inside. By greed and ambition, by liberation and being fed up, by long term plots and madness. The war continues until everything falls apart for most people. Until the long hidden truth surfaces. And everyone seems to have forgotten something.

25. Palatable (drama, psychological)
1st draft word count: 30,062
1st draft finished: 13. Sep 2023

It's a grim and twisted neighborhood. The only bright spot giving hope is the window. Looking out said window, the main character is presumed to make a mistake against the values of the house. He is cast out. Homeless, he wanders around aimlessly, searching for a new home. Eventually, a promising group comes along. The main character decides to give it a go, but is this group really helping out or using personal weaknesses to advance an agenda? Either way, the main character rises in ranks until it is time to fall as a person. An unusual punishment from the group follows.

Always remember to enjoy life.

Further information will be available via email. See "contact" for the address. Updates to available or future manuscripts can happen at any time.

Manuscripts, currently being worked on:

1. Zone 91 Out (philosophical, experimental)

It's about observations in circular time and a small loop inside a big loop. While the big loop is so big no mere mortal can 'see' it, the small one makes it seem like you're moving forwards and backwards at the same time.

Status: basic idea and part of the stucture ready, a lot of notes scribbled.

2. Zed's Gig (action, thriller, comedy)

A group of unsuccessful career criminals take a job from a famous client, who usually only hires the best. They know they're being had, but it's their last chance to realize their vocational dreams.

Status: ready to be written at any moment.

3. STF-001 (action, drama, thriller)

A brand new special task force is ready to handle missions no one else wants, or, as they say, no one else can.

Status: half the storyline ready, outline of characters ready.

4. Epilogue of Eternity (drama, mystery, sci-fi)

Grant the P.I. is still missing after well over a decade. His friend Durdona is unable to stop searching for him. In fact, every moment, she wants it more. Every moment, she wants him more. In ways that do not make sense.

Status: outline ready, most of the characters ready.

5. Tankenstein (drama, sci-fi, horror)

It's autumn and the leaves are rotting. The protagonist experiences another day of bullying. The asshole neighbor tries to burn down a warehouse the protagonist seems to deeply care about for an unknown, unexplainable reason. While attempting to stop the fire, the protagonist finds something mysterious and horrifying under the warehouse...

Status: the beginning part and the main characters ready.

6. Vengeance a.m. (drama, comedy, sci-fi)

The main character harbors vengeance and rains down punishment based on "a feel". It's just that the people he punishes haven't done anything. Yet.

Status: main idea and some of the characters ready.

7. A Circle in the Sand on a Beach with Plenty of Waves (mystery, drama)

A who's who and what's what story of private detectives who all think they are "ahead of the game", while not even knowing what the game they are playing is.

Status: main idea ready.

8. Lüseed (psychological thriller, mystery)

Someone obtains a very special skill through an unhealthy obsession. The skill is at the brink of too much to handle. The skill is also very much wanted by an organization.

Status: main idea ready.

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